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Video Playback Troubleshooting

A number of different options effect the playback of videos on this site. Any or all of the below options may fix any issues you may be experiencing. As we are streaming HD content, your system configuration is very important to smooth video playback. Older, single core, CPUs or Windows XP machines may not be able to handle the intense CPU load that playing such high-quality video requires.

Below are a few different things you can try:

Check Your Internet Speed

For best viewing experience you'll need a broadband connection with at least 500+Kbps for the best viewing experience. For wireless users 802.11G or better is required.

If the video is taking a long time to load or keeps stopping on playback, your video download speed may be slow or inconsistent. In this case, you can try pausing the video until the entire stream is downloaded (the loading bar reaches the end of the player), and then, once the video's completely loaded try playing the video.

You can test your speed here:

If your score for downloading is less than 7 Mbps then you may experience slow downloads of our HD content, turning off HD may help solve this problem

Turn off HD playback

We offer two different qualities of movies for our desktop visitors. In the top right of the video playing there is the text “HD on”, click on that with your mouse to turn it off. The non-HD videos are still good quality, but less computer intensive to playback.

Close Other Applications

Windows users running multiple applications while watching videos may experience slow downs as the computer is busy with other work. Closing these other programs may allow the computer to have more power to playback video smoother. Inaddition computers with older, single core, CPUs may not be able to watch the HD smoothly at all.

Update Your Flash Player

Older versions of Flash do not take advantage of modern CPU video support. Make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash player installed on your system.

You can download it free here:

Update Your Browser

Windows users using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier may see improved performance on the site with an updated browser. We recommend you upgrade to Google Chrome. It’s free and takes just a few moments to install.

You can download it free here: